Haider Ackermann Doesn’t Want to Make Anymore Men’s Clothes Until He Feels Like It

Haider's menswear.

Haider Ackermann, the designer Karl Lagerfeld deems brilliant enough to replace him at Chanel, presented his first men's collection at the Pitti W trade show in Florence over the summer. As that resort wear arrives in stores, Haider Ackermann has announced he's done with making men's clothes for now. The decision is part of his creative process, explained Anne Chapelle, the owner of the Antwerp-based company that operates and produces Haider's collections.

"Haider wanted to underline the image he made for his women's line with the man at her side. The men's collection will be added again at the time Haider wants to and it will not be linked to a season. Creativity cannot be forced into a time frame. It is the emotion of the moment being translated to a collection, which is presented and sold to retailers who believe in creativity as such."

Yeah, screw you people with your "deadlines" and your "seasons" and your "timetables" — just clipping the wings of creativity that allow men's clothes to truly soar.

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