Hermès Asks to Be Exempted From Trade Regulations


As previously reported, Hermès announced over the weekend that they're grouping over 50 percent of the family's shares into an unnamed holding company to prevent LVMH, which seems to be poised for a hostile takeover, from acquiring them. There's one hole in this plan, though: French market regulator AMF has a rule that when companies pool together over one third of their shares, they are obligated to launch a public offering. This would obviously defeat the purpose of Hermès's whole endeavor, which is designed to make their shares less accessible to the public (and LVMH), not more so. But Hermès has a plan for getting around this roadblock: They should just be exempted, of course! AMF members are expected to reach a decision within a few weeks; meanwhile, it's safe to assume that their wives will all be getting Birkin bags for Christmas.

Hermes Family: New Holding To Be Created If AMF Grants Exemption [WSJ]
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