Kanye West’s Stylist Went Through a Pharaoh Phase


The folks at Opening Ceremony sat down with Cassius Clay, the foppish 19-year-old Yale sophomore whom Kanye West plucked from Barneys to be his personal stylist. Clay has been a fussy dresser since age 10, which actually wasn't very long ago. Clay recalled the origins of his style: "My school had a dress code of khakis with collared shirts for the younger boys," he said. "Dissatisfied with the informality of khakis, I adopted a personal uniform of exclusively white turtlenecks, grey flannel trousers, and black &white spectator shoes. I look back on it now as a dedicated engagement with minimalism (and self-caricature). Occasionally on weekends at home I would pretend to be a pharaoh with amulet and scepter." [Opening Ceremony]