Karl Lagerfeld Wants Kate Middleton to Wear High Boots on Her Wedding Day With the Gown Open in the Front

Sketches by Karl Lagerfeld, Gucci, and Vera Wang.

We've predicted that Kate Middleton's wedding dress will be white and include lace and a shoulder covering, most probably sleeves, hopefully steering brides the world over away from the strapless numbers Vera Wang is so sick of. But fashion designers, who exist in their own little worlds, God bless them, don't always think about rules or tradition or expectations (and don't the best disregard them entirely?). So when WWD asked a slew of them to submit sketches of what she should wear, they came up with everything from yellow (if only, Chris Benz), to things plain and laceless (thank you, Gucci — we'll take that when Kate doesn't), to separates (give it a couple centuries, Lyn Devon). But Karl Lagerfeld, who may dream bigger than all the rest, wants to see her in a take on "the Victorian wedding dress, with a twist — high boots and open in the front.”

Vera Wang, who has dressed American royalty Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton for their weddings, can offer a more likely idea: "The tradition of intricate hand-pieced lacework in the high-necked bodice with elbow-length sleeves, together with the voluminous skirt of a mixture of stiff and soft silk tulle, feels regal, yet poetic."

But our favorite of all the submissions was Christian Lacroix's most delightful collage:

Every princess-in-waiting wants to look like a stuffed pillowcase whose hat vomits fireflies. And he's probably not that far off from what she'll end up with.

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