Lady Gaga Now Exploring the World of Chastity Belts


discoamz: Did you see Lady Gaga shopping in Milan over the weekend?

dianashreds: Hahaha. Is it wrong that I kinda like this look?

discoamz: Dude — what's with the chastity belt? Is there something better to call that?

dianashreds: Okay, I didn't notice that — it's a chastity belt.

dianashreds: But hey let's look at the positives:

dianashreds: 1. She's not naked.

dianashreds: And 2. she sparkles.

discoamz: And yet she still manages to draw all the attention to her crotch and boobs.

dianashreds: Naturally.

discoamz: But she WAS basically naked backstage with Anna Dello Russo at her concert.

dianashreds: Ouch. She looks tired.

discoamz: Uh, yeah. Wouldn't you be? If these are the outfits you wear to SHOP?

dianashreds: Yeah, man. She needs a nap. Or something.

discoamz: Or... cotton. Something made of cotton.