Marion Cotillard Seduces Wheelchair-Bound Ian McKellan in the New Dior Video


In what has to be one of the year's more extravagant ad campaigns, Christian Dior hired John Cameron Mitchell (of Hedwig and the Angry Inch) to direct Marion Cotillard and Ian McKellan in a short film to plug the label's new Lady Dior bag. Cotillard plays a burlesque dancer who stands naked in a giant hourglass while small red beads trickle down around her body, thereby winning the affections of McKellan's character, who is some sort of wheelchair-bound lord. The namesake handbag shows up shortly thereafter: Cotillard fishes around in it and, finding it empty, extracts her dressing room key from her cleavage before her spellbound audience (who needs purses, anyway!). She then sashays seductively around the room, feeds a man a cupcake, and then bestows the key upon McKellan, who nervously visits her after the show. Here, things take a suspenseful turn when Cotillard somewhat awkwardly fondles McKellan's supposedly lame legs while staring deeply into his eyes.

Needless to say, the whole thing is tricked out with lots of shiny Dior accessories and pretty clothes and is worth a watch if you want to gawk at all the expensive things your loved ones probably can't afford to get you for Christmas. Check it out, below.

Lady Dior [Official Website]