Model Laura Blokhina Cut Her Hair Off Because It Was Turning ‘a Bit Green’

Blokhina at the Christian Dior couture show last January.

John Galliano favorite Laura Blokhina cropped her long hair short a few weeks ago because it had gotten so damaged from styling. "Everyone I've seen so far in Europe really likes it," she told Vogue U.K.. "I've been in London for a few days now and everyone has said good things. It's so much easier; I just wanted a change. It had been platinum blonde for a job — and then when we tried to get it back to my original colour it went a bit green. It had just been styled so much. I had my first shoot with my new hair last week, and the other model who was there with me had long hair and had to get hair extensions and lots of other things done. I just thought 'Poor you'!" [Vogue UK]