Pete Doherty on His New Jewelry Designs: ‘It’s Just a Shame I Can’t Afford to Buy Them Myself’


As previously reported, Pete Doherty debuted his new jewelry line, Albion Trinketry, in London last Wednesday (it was the night before he appeared in court for drug-possession charges, incidentally). The fifteen-piece range was inspired by "trinkets ... ivory, cigarette tins, old cases, old glass,” Doherty told WWD between cigarette drags at the launch party. “I’m like a magpie really in a lot of ways,” he continued. “I’ve always collected [jewelry], unsuccessfully most of it — you treasure it and it gets lost.” Unfortunately, he won't be collecting much of this jewelry, either: “It’s just a shame I can’t afford to buy them myself,” he sighed, referring to the $663 to $13,600 price range. “They cost a fortune.” [WWD]