Cathy Horyn’s Number One Fashion Moment This Year Was Seeing Tavi at Fashion Shows


Cathy Horyn released her list of top ten memorable fashion moments for 2010, and beating out Alexander McQueen's death, Daphne Guinness's mourning outfits, and all the Tom Ford hoopla for the top spot was Tavi's appearance at fashion shows. Or maybe it's just that the list is in chronological order and Tavi was around in January. Anyway, here's what Horyn has to say about her:

I wouldn’t have picked Dior’s January couture collection as a major fashion moment (John Galliano punched an out-of-date ticket for the Gibson Girl), but the scene illustrated the tension between the weird and the wonderful that exists in fashion. Dior held the show in the house, so everything was creamy with intimacy — just what editors love as they plop down next to friends — but it soon registered that Tavi Gevinson, the 13-year-old blogger, was in the front row. Some of the editors really hit her with looks. At the Armani show that night, the stares were openly hostile. It was obvious the older Italian ladies didn’t care to see a child in their midst. And Tavi wore a big bow-shaped hat that pointedly emphasized her juvenile stature. The fact is half the people were still in the dark about what was happening. Blogs? Strange ruminations from a girl’s bedroom in Chicago? They were still politely applauding satin ball gowns that Charles James would have whipped up in his sleep at the Chelsea Hotel.

Changing times, these.

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