Reader Look Book: What Are You Wearing for New Year’s Eve?


Many thanks to Cut readers for sending in such fabulous pictures of yourselves this week; you clearly made the most of being snowbound by raiding your closets and convincing relatives to take pictures of you, which is a beautiful thing.

This week's favorite: Cut reader Stacey Currie's beautifully shot snow getup, which featured a thick scarf, zebra-patterned sweater, and puffy vest. She accessorized with a quilted chain-strap bag, ankle boots, and a smile that says, "I am freezing my ass off and my feet are getting wet, but damn, this is going to make a great photo."

For next week: If we see one more roundup of "Top 10 Perfect New Year's Eve Dresses!!!" we're going to dump eggnog on the computer screen. That being said, what are you wearing for New Year's? Take a few pictures before you get too schwasted tomorrow night (well, during/after is okay, too) and send 'em in.

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