See Behind-the-Scenes Footage With the Costume and Makeup Teams From The Black Swan


There's been lots of buzz about Rodarte's ballet costumes in The Black Swan, but we haven't heard much about the other clothes in the film, which may not have featured pancake tutus but were still pretty cool to see, in a spandex-y sort of way. Costume designer Amy Westcott explains in this behind-the-scenes video that she dressed Natalie Portman in pink and white most of the time to convey her "childlike state," but then started phasing in black at the end. "There's one time where she wears black tights instead of pink tights, and that's the moment that's like, snap, and she's on the other side of the fence," she explained. As for all that white matte makeup, makeup artist Margie Durand caked on Mehron pancake pigment with a spray sealant so that it wouldn't rub off during costume changes. Check out all the makeup and costume details in this video.

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes With the 'Black Swan' Costume and Makeup Teams [StyleList]