The Times Solicits Drag Queens for New Year’s Eve Advice, With Awesome Results


Blessedly aware of the deluge of unoriginal party-dressing advice that floods the Internet this time of year, the Times' Eric Wilson interviewed the folks who know more about sequins and heels than anyone else on the planet: drag queens! These inspirational words arrive just as we were getting dangerously close to staying home in sweatpants tomorrow night with a bottle of — well, whatever's left over after this week. Take notes, ladies.

From drag artist Sherry Vine:

"It’s New Year’s and everyone is drunk, so you can get away with being outrageous. Just say you borrowed it from Lady Gaga.” Her don’ts: “Don’t wear flip-flops, please! Stilettos are supposed to hurt. That’s why there’s booze. Don’t wear something you can’t dry-clean. Remember, everyone is drunk and will spill something on you. And don’t drink and drive, especially in stilettos.”

From performer Justin Bond, who is hosting a ball in Miami Beach with Amanda Lepore and still hasn't picked out his ensemble:

“I realized I’m one outfit short of fabulous, so I intend to befriend a Palm Beach matron and beg for some fierce fogy chic." Mr. Bond also had a good suggestion: “Don’t wear anything that tightens if you struggle.”

From drag queen Linda Simpson:

“Silvery and futuristic is perfect for ushering in a bold new age.” Avoid: “Anything Christmasy. You’ll look terribly out of date.”

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