The Times’ Cintra Wilson Thinks Dior’s Renovated Store Is for ‘Adorning Mistresses and New Trophy Wives’


Cintra Wilson played critical shopper at Dior's revamped 57th Street flagship this week, which was like "walking into an enormous Christmas ornament," she wrote. From there, the piece is full of not-so-subtle digs at the space's Versailles-worthy décor: "Dior splashes shamelessly into the theater of spectacle, for those in a position to flaunt conspicuous consumption. Today's new look isn't aimed at shaping an independent new woman, but at adorning mistresses and new trophy wives in the sartorial equivalent of hula skirts made from 500-euro notes. Badda-bling!" She concludes, "Opulence can be many things: fanciful, decadent, luxurious, fun, sexy, mesmerizing. But it is healthy to remember that opulence isn't actually beauty." Ouch. [NYT]