Tod’s Is Funding the Renovation of the Colosseum [Updated]


A few months ago the Italian government announced that they wanted to find a corporate sponsor to pay to renovate their Colosseum in Rome since they didn't have enough money to do it. Enter Tod's — the Italian fashion label known for classic driving loafers and handbags and that also sells a $4,900 alligator iPad case — which has decided to be that monumental savior. Tod's president, Diego Della Valle, said, "We believe that because the Tod’s Group is a strong global representative of ‘Made in Italy,’ it is both an honor and our duty to contribute to the support of our country’s image and credibility, as well as its cultural heritage." It's unclear if Tod's will reap any physical rewards from this in terms of signage on the building or something, but maybe tour guides can tell visitors their visit was made possible by ... Tod's.

Tod's to fund the renovation of the Colosseum in Rome! [Grazia UK]

Update: A Tod's rep informs us that the company has only submitted a bid to fund the project but has not landed it yet, contrary to reports.