Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are in High Demand This Year


This year, young folks have discovered how hilarious it is to wear ugly Christmas sweaters ironically to parties, reports The Wall Street Journal. As a result, silly-looking holiday-themed knitwear is enjoying a surge in popularity, and some stores are even having trouble keeping up with the trend, particularly those located in hipster neighborhoods. Reports the Journal:

Customers at [Buffalo Exchange's] East Village location were "desperately seeking goofy Christmas/Holiday sweaters for men and women," wrote the company's marketing director, Michelle Livingston. "You know the ones... snowmen, wreaths, sequins and bows. The flashier the better!" "It's disappointing that we haven't had them for our customers," says Amanda Garrett, manager of the East Village store.

Some would-be customers are just as disappointed when they're forced to attend holiday parties is normal, earnest clothing.

"At this point, I've given up," says Eric Foster, a 27-year old production coordinator from Brooklyn, who had hoped to find a green sweater, preferably involving snowflakes and reindeer, to wear to holiday gatherings this year.

Proud owners of ugly sweaters liken them to large dogs:

Brian Philippoi, a 26-year-old employee of a Web design firm, wore a bulky cream sweater with a bright alpine print along with dark skinny jeans and sneakers to a recent party... "It's like walking a Great Dane," he says. "You have to show it who's boss."

While others just want to make fun of their moms:

Randall Ferguson, a 27-year-old who grew up in Michigan, began hosting "ugly sweater parties" in college. "It started out as a way for us to mock our moms," he says.

Moms, for their own part, know that their children really love the sweaters deep down inside.

As for her son's party, Ms. Ferguson says she doesn't think he ever truly found the sweaters ugly. "I know in his heart that for him this is a way to pull a little bit of Christmas spirit."

Perhaps most important, though, ugly sweaters are plenty warm, which takes top priority this time of year.

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