Video: Conan O’Brien Gives Tim Gunn Too Much Information About His Jeggings Obsession


Apparently Conan O'Brien's personal journey in accepting skinny jeans for men — which many bros completed awhile ago — is not finished. He expressed his perplexity surrounding this issue to Tim Gunn, who stopped by his show last night. "If you're an adolescent, and you have the right physique for it — it's a certain look for a certain age for a certain time," Gunn told Conan. "But it's the jean that really is like a leotard — it's not a good look." But! "I love it when the ladies wear jeggings. I'm obsessed with jeggings. I love jeggings," Conan gushes. Tim then recoils slightly and tells Conan he should stop oversharing. Watch in the clip.