Video: Watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in Two Minutes


Even though the pictures came out weeks ago, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS only last night and was the usual flurry of wings made from feathers and everything but, glitter, kitschy props, and half-naked tumbling male gymnasts. The 28 proud owners of the fatless thighs that walked also waved, pointed, winked, and pouted their hearts out as they always do, making this ebullient show unlike any in the world.

The show's themes included a gingham-heavy country-bumpkin segment, an athletic segment, and a tribal segment, in which the models wore tribal markings reminiscent of Rodarte's spring 2010 collection (but the whole thing actually felt much more like The Lion King than a fashion show). Maybe it was the miracles in their bras, but as usual there was no tripping or falling or awkward wing-knocking. All the girls managed the props, heels, glitter, Akons, and Katy Perrys like the pros that they are. Watch the video to see the highs (and lows) of the busty sparklefest, conveniently condensed into two glittering minutes.