Video: Joan Rivers Divulges the Contents of Her Closet!

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Joan Rivers has moved in with her daughter, Melissa, while she looks for a place, and naturally the copious contents of her closet are eating her temporary abode alive. "Fashion should always be fun, it should be enjoyed, and if you take yourself too seriously, you're an idiot. That’s why I hate Victoria Beckham," Joan says as she rifles through Valentino jacket after Valentino jacket. "You gotta start hiding, [age] 50 on," she says of her clothing philosophy. "At my age, in my seventies, I’m looking for a beaded burka." She likes sparkle, but nothing too over the top: "I think Lady Gaga looks divine for Lady Gaga. But I don’t want to dress like a toilet-paper cover." See more in the video!

Presenting Joan and Melissa Rivers [Closet Confessions/Bluefly]