Video: The Sartorialist Is ‘Not Much of a People Person’


The New York Times is so great at catching onto these people called fashion bloggers. Just last week they discovered Susie Bubble, and today's Lens blog reaches even further back in the decade to try to understand the genius behind Scott "the Sartorialist" Schuman. In a little narrated video montage of his work, Schuman explains it all starts when he makes someone feel awkward by asking them to pose for a picture because they look so great. "That rush of kind of embarrassment comes off, you know, beautifully," he says. "I mean that really is the beautiful feeling — they feel so flattered." Schuman adds that he doesn't intend to report on clothes. "I'm trying to capture it in the romantic way that I see it," he continues. "The abstract idea is much more important than what people are wearing." More where that came from in the video.

Finding Inspiration with the Sartorialist [Lens/NYT]