Watch Baptiste Giabiconi Get Chased Across an Exploding Desert by Metal-Pipe-Wielding Thugs in His Debut Music Video

Baptiste in the spring 2011 Chanel show.

Lagerfeld muse Baptiste Giabiconi's first dance single, "Showtime," debuted in all of its unintelligible glory back in October, but the real treat is the music video, which was bestowed upon the Internet today. Words fail us, really (which is fitting, because the lyrics don't seem to be actual words, either), but who cares! Baptiste rescues a roadside hooker from her gas-station-owning abusive boyfriend, blows up the boyfriend's car (along with random bits of cactus) when he tries to give chase, and then beds his new lady in a dirty motel with NO SHEETS. Best of all? There's going to be a sequel, apparently.