Are You Ready for Blake Lively: Chanel Purse Ambassador?


Blake Lively didn't truly feel like a fairy princess until a few months ago. So now girls everywhere know that just because you're famous, have been on the cover of Vogue twice, and the New York Times has decided your hair is as iconic as Rachel's from Friends doesn't mean you've had your Cinderella moment. For Blake, only Karl Lagerfeld by way of Anna Wintour could give her that. After Wintour introduced her to Karl, and they had dinner before the Chanel couture show last July, Karl appointed her "official ambassador" of the label's new Mademoiselle handbag, WWD reports. Lagerfeld describes her as "a kind of American dream girl." But what she really is, at heart, is Chanel's dream girl.

Blake Lively, Official Chanel Ambassador [WWD]