Balenciaga Teases the Idea of Doing a Show in New York

Maybe Ross can come up with a marketing ploy relating to our favorite campaign model of the season: the Balenciaga goblin!

Balenciaga just hired Katherine Ross, formerly of Prada and Louis Vuitton, as a U.S. consultant to help with their "communications strategy" in this country, WWD reports. The problem with those, typically, is that they're so black-and-white, so e-mailed, so predictable. Designer Nicolas Ghesquière pontificates:

“I’m questioning if there is a new way of communicating about a fashion brand,” the designer told WWD. “It could be an art proposal, it could be a movie. [The scope] is very open, very large.”

He did not rule out staging a Balenciaga show in New York and said that overall he would like his brand to have a greater presence in the States. He is also looking for a second location in