Best Bet: TokyoMilk’s Dark Lip Elixirs


Just in time to ward off drying winter weather, TokyoMilk releases its new Dark Lip Elixirs: moisture-packed compacts in unusual new flavors, from Smoked Salt to Absinthe. The hydrating pots contain natural ingredients like jasmine flower and leaf extracts, aloe vera, green tea, and bee balm for soothing chapped lips. Though a couple of the eight varieties veer into overtly sweet territory — the chocolate-scented Coco Noir and candylike Cherry Bourbon can be a bit overpowering — most of the collection has an alluring salty edge. Standouts include Salted Caramel, with notes of sea salt and toasted vanilla bean; Absinthe, which has hints of anise, crushed herbs, and citrus peel; and Clove Cigarette, with the spicy (not smoky, thankfully) scents of clove and Saigon cinnamon.

TokyoMilk Dark Lip Elixirs, $7 each at New London Pharmacy and online.