Critics Laud Givenchy’s ‘Fierce’ Dog-Inspired Collection, Pan Alexis Mabille’s Lace-up Pants

From left: Raf Simons, Alexander McQueen, Thierry Mugler

The men's shows have come to a close, and the critics have weighed in. Read on to see what they had to say about the elegant, modern, and silly looks to come out of Milan and Paris.

Jil Sander
• "The Jil Sander look seems perfectly in sync with the second decade of the new millennium: streamlined tailoring that balances bold, unstructured coats and jackets with narrow pants. It made for modernity in motion." [NYT]

• "Everything had the youthful, futuristic gloss that Simons conveys so well, and the pristine quality for which the Sander label is prized....Simons’ straight-line jackets looked new and exciting; the expertly tapered pants right on target...this collection is the picture of modernity." [WWD]

• "Simons elaborated on the sobriety by using the quilting of the Amish as the signature detail for jackets, pants, and tops. On the other hand, he injected an ironic note by duplicating the nobility of the handcrafted Amish tradition with the most advanced fabric technology. That's where Raf-ness and Jil-ness reunited—and it felt so good." []

See a slideshow of the full Jil Sander collection.

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