Suggestions From André Leon Talley, Isaac Mizrahi, and More Fashion Folk for Looking Good When It’s Really, Really, Really Ridiculously Cold-Feeling


Tonight's low is 13 degrees. Tomorrow night's low is 15 degrees. And Sunday night's low is freaking 6 degrees, while Tuesday night's low is 11 degrees. So let's come to terms with the knowledge that no matter how drunk you get on each of these nights, you will feel cold. The weather is trying to keep you in, away from your bars and your brunches and your put-off-for-too-long Duane Reade trips. But you will not be defeated — because fashion is on your side! We reached out to some of our favorite fashion people, like Vogue's André Leon Talley, blogger Susie Bubble, Barneys's Simon Doonan, and designer Isaac Mizrahi to get their tips for looking good while staying warm in this assault of a cold front. Because aren't you tired of wearing the same puffy coat and winter boots every day? They suggest Uniqlo heat tech, long silk underwear, cashmere socks — and even LL Bean boots. Check out their suggestions for looking and feeling good this weekend in the slideshow.