Erin Fetherston Is Suspending Her Regular-Priced Line in Favor of a New, Lower-Priced One


Erin Fetherston, whose much-fawned-over collaboration with Juicy Couture comes to an end next month, announced today that she'll be showing a lower-priced contemporary line in lieu of her ready-to-wear collection during New York Fashion Week. Called "Erin," the new line will be more casual than her former fare, consisting mostly of day dresses, blouses, and T-shirts embellished with beads and chiffon. It's far from basic, though: She's also created a pair of black pants with a long, sheer, capelike train of silk down the back, since there are already "plenty of perfect-fitting trousers out there."

Erin Fetherston: The New Contemporary Girl [WWD]