The Fashion Show Recap: Johnny Weir Is Rachel Zoe’s New Sidekick

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Last night's episode of The Fashion Show was a story of love. There was love between the three engaged gay couples who the remaining six designers had to dress for their weddings. There was love between the departed David and Dominique, who was left to make wedding clothes in torture as she pined for her straight man under the unforgiving lights and in the even more unforgiving and prisonlike living quarters of reality television. But most of all, there was love between Rachel Zoe and Johnny Weir, last night's guest judges. With Brad Goreski departed from Rachel Zoe, Inc., it was anyone's guess who would replace him in her right-hand gay-man slot. Joey the hairdresser feels too peripheral to all of a sudden be the one in bed with her the mornings before fashion shows. But Johnny Weir is a perfect fit: They both, as we saw last season on The Rachel Zoe Project, love scary furry things, tranny heels, and each other. Plus Zoe can sit proudly next to him without any rumors coming between them about how she is jealous of him. Will we see more of him on The Rachel Zoe Project?

The winning team consists of heartbroken Dominique and Jeffrey, who admits in the workroom that he is a virgin, which earns him a brisk mocking by Cesar. Dominique's bride seldom wears dresses and doesn't want anything with any bows or lace or frills. Dominique designs her the winning garment, a plain somewhat-wrinkled white tank gown, and marvels at how despite the back being so low, her butt crack didn't show. Jeffrey makes his bride a pale blue suit with shorts. The judges decide their looks aren't the worst, even though they're too plain, and Dominique wins the challenge. Even though the judges like Cindy and don't doubt her passion for clothes and design, they send her home. Review last night's looks with critiques in the slideshow.