The Fashion Show Recap: ‘Just Because You Draw a Pig’s Face on It Doesn’t Make It a Good Coat’

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The producers of The Fashion Show want us to look at bad clothes all season. Either that or good clothes are much less important to them than crazy contestants. Designers who make "pig coats" and hunchback dresses and who are almost revoltingly proud of them get to stay, while designers who relish craftsmanship and elegance have to go.

Over on team Emerald, Cesar wants to dye his fabric, which Isaac cautions him against it due to time restraints. As if Cesar cares — as in past consultations, he tells Isaac he's Cesar and he is King of Everything and will do as he damn pleases. He ends up showing two white dresses to go with his partner Jeffrey's two white bird-inspired looks. Team Emerald wins the challenge and Jeffrey the competition. Review all the looks with critiques from last night in the slideshow.