The Fashion Show Recap: Go Barefoot in the Snow, or Go Home

The Fashion Show
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If The Fashion Show ever became the next Project Runway, we probably wouldn’t like it anymore. This is surely what Bravo wants, but if it ever did achieve that level of success, the show could easily be ruined. Now, The Fashion Show isn’t under the same pressure Runway faces to please all of Middle America with guest judges like Eva Longoria and Linsday Lohan and can cast guests like Harper’s Bazaar editor-in-chief Glenda Bailey and top fashion model Anja Rubik to sit on the judging panel for an episode. We enjoy a Hollywood celebrity guest judge as much as the next person, but having seen so many seasons of them on Project Runway having some real industry perspective on the constestants’ designs feels fresh. Also, these critiques coupled with judge and host Isaac Mizrahi’s guidance makes The Fashion Show that rare program that might actually teach its audience something about fashion design.

But Cesar's final final look is deemed the more tragic, and Jeffrey, Dominque, and Calvin get to move on to the finale, while Cesar goes home. So, who do you want to win? After Calvin's numerous terrible designs and Dominique's absolutely unforgivable "pig coat," we're rooting for Jeffrey. See all the looks from last night's episode in the slideshow.