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Franca Sozzani Is Not a Fan of Bloggers or Jersey Shore

Italian Vogue editor Franca Sozzani, who started blogging not terribly long ago for, has some thoughts about the practice. She doesn't define what she means by blogger, in a recent entry she posted to question them. After all, Cathy Horyn, who has a blog, could be called a blogger, as could André Leon Talley, Hamish Bowles, and Franca herself. So let's assume she's referring to personal-style bloggers such as Fashion Toast and Cupcakes and Cashmere, who do more posting on how they wear their clothes than they do about news stories. She calls bloggers fame-hungry "moths" who "live only one night." "They don't hold a real importance in the business. Of course not," she continues. Maybe they won't, in the long term, but plenty of brands (such as Victoria's Secret) who invest in dedicated blogger events, and many companies (such as Gap) who pay them handsomely to appear in their ad campaigns, might disagree.

But Sozzani is conflicted about where the future lies for personal-style bloggers.

Lets wait a minute before acclaiming it or hating it. There are still a lot of people who don't know what blogger means, and none of us knows how it will evolve. It's still under observation. The only thing I can say with certitude it's that if it were a disease, we would call it a viral cold. An epidemic!

Yet the medium is powerful enough to warrant such attention from Sozzani. In the same vein of "things she doesn't highly regard or quite understand but blogs about in length anyway" is her post today about Jersey Shore, which will film its fourth season in Italy.

Why does ugliness attract, and especially a young audience? What's so interesting about watching ugly people, poorly dressed, and that speak vulgar? Why should anyone fall down to that level? It's sounds impossible that people would want to lower themselves this much. It's ignorance, lack of real interests.

Seems Sozzani's gripes about fashion blogging and Jersey Shore–ing have some overlap. She doesn't like outfits that are ugly because they are attention-getting, she doesn't like behavior that displays a lack of cultural edification, and most of all, she doesn't like fame whoring. But this is what the youth wants: people in ridiculous outfits doing ridiculous things for the amusement of those who would never have the balls. Most of the world just isn't springing out of bed on Saturday morning to go to the museum. But the personal-style bloggers are bound to post photos of themselves wearing clothes there eventually!

Bloggers: a cultural phenomenon or an endemic issue? []

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