Gareth Pugh Thought the McQueen Rumors Were ‘In Bad Taste’

Gareth Pugh.

At his Pitti show last week, Gareth Pugh addressed last year's rumors about his succeeding Alexander McQueen: "To be honest with you, I thought that the McQueen thing was a little in bad taste with the circumstances surrounding that. Other than the inappropriateness of it, it is vaguely flattering but obviously the inappropriateness did rather take over." He also didn't feel qualified for the job. "I met [McQueen] a couple of times but I didn't know him as a person, I never worked with him. They obviously have a very specific way of working there — and Sarah Burton obviously worked with him for a long, long time and to be given that role and responsibility is a tough one. To step into those shoes, I'm not jealous of that situation at all, I don't envy her position. It's flattering but I think a little ill-founded." [Vogue UK]