The Golden Globes and the NFL Playoffs Had More in Common Than Big Shoulders


As anyone who had a fight in their apartment over who got the television in the early evening hours of yesterday knows, last night was a big one for the NFL. And not just the National Football League, in which the New England Patriots crumbled in the playoffs against the New York Jets, but the National Fashion League, in which stars largely triumphed against bad, boring, and cliché gowns in favor of interesting, fashionable, and even trendy options at the Golden Globes. The Patriots and Jets weren't the only ones playing to win — so were the famous women at that awards show, who embraced bold colors like emerald green (Mila Kunis, Elizabeth Moss), sparkly padded shoulders (Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway), and fringe that seemed to defy all laws of physics (wow, January Jones).

Bold, potentially risky attire was also seen on the field, where Gisele's husband and hair icon Tom Brady covered his famous mane with a head sock, and Patriots coach Bill Belichick shamelessly continued to flaunt his signature hoodie with cut-off sleeves. Brady and Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez's on-field rivalry may have come to a close for the season, but their fashion battle wages on. Having been dubbed "the glamazons of quarterbacks," they are now locked in a competition of sartorial athleticism. Since we had to watch the entire game before any of the Golden Globes coverage, we picked out the fashion highlights as a means of entertaining ourselves and drowning out the depression of surrounding Patriots fans (now they know how we felt last awards season). But through it all, we realized that the Globes and the game weren't all that dissimilar: big shoulders, tight outfits, strategic padding, hot men who work out a lot, and an abundance of green were seen on both battlefields. In the spirit of appreciating the other events that overlap with super-major important red carpets, we compiled some of the most debatable fashion moments from both the field and on the carpet. Hopefully it shows that if you had to watch the game, you didn't miss that much.