Heidi Klum to Create Some Possibly GOOP-Like Content for AOL

Just your average totally hot and happy mom.

For some people, it is never enough. The Halloween costume, the Project Runway hosting, the magazine covers, the ad campaigns, the maternity lines, and the jewelry line are not enough outlets for Heidi Klum to influence, shape, and dress women around this world today. She sees GOOP. AOL sees GOOP. Perhaps the only way to explain their alliance is that they all want a blob of it for themselves. The media company and model have formed a content-creation partnership whereby Heidi will have a homepage on AOL, with stories "[revolving] around Heidi and the lifestyle experts in her world, a loose framework of ideas and advice that guides Heidi’s everyday life" including "video content, blogs, slideshows that will focus on everything from fun family activities to insider beauty tips to creating successful relationships at work and home," a press release explains.

"During my 15 years in the business, I’ve received so many questions on a variety of topics from my favorite toothbrush to juggling family and a busy work schedule," Klum says in the release. "I’m bringing in the experts that have helped me over the years to help inspire you! Women are looking for content that speaks to every part of their lives. Right now, advice seems so scattered online." You know she knows because she is the everywoman who cruises the web every day to troll postpartum-depression forums, figure out how to get the mac-and-cheese crusts out of the carpet, and firm her thighs at home in no time. She relates, yes she does.