Helena Bonham Carter Defends Her Mismatched Golden Globes Shoes


Red-carpet fashion in America hasn't been, for a long time, about having fun. The goal was to look safe enough so that the Middle American masses find you appealing. Recently, stars have been venturing out in more fashion-forward styles such as, you know, emerald green, or one of those awesome long Jil Sander dresses. You might argue that Lady Gaga exemplifies someone who has fun with her clothes when she's in public. And we might say, there's no way being her and getting dressed five times a day can actually be more fun than it is work. Do you ever look at her in her heelless shoes and spikey straitjackets and feel a pang of maternal worry? But the great thing about being Gaga is that, since she does it all the time, she doesn't have to defend her fabulously crazy outfits. But Helena Bonham Carter, who isn't Lady Gaga and yet had one of the most memorable looks at the Golden Globes this year, has to defend her Vivienne Westwood dress, which landed her on many a worst-dressed list.

Helena Bonham Carter: Why I Break All the Fashion Rules [StyleWatch/People]