Joe Zee Warns Leila Shams Not to Confuse ‘Sexy’ With ‘Slutty’


Joe Zee released the first preview clip from his forthcoming show, All on the Line, which will air on the Sundance Channel this spring. The premise: Joe helps struggling designers revamp their businesses before they spiral their way into bankruptcy, as so many fashion labels do. In this first sneak peek clip, we meet Leila Shams, a designer who launched her own collection in 2009 and has since used up all of the $60,000 loan that her brother gave her to start the business. Joe's advice? She needs to stop confusing "slutty fabrics" with "sexy fabrics," for one thing. Whether that'll be enough to save her, we're not sure, but her clothes are still being sold by Harvey Nichols and Forward by Revolve, so he must have done some good.

[All on the Line/Facebook]