Is This Rihanna’s Best Hair Yet?


Rihanna's striking red hair has had quite the journey, as her hair tends to do. Beginning as a minimal bowl cut, she then extended it and wore it in short, cute, curly or wavy styles. Then it shot out of nowhere into a long straight curtain. Then it banged. And now it has exploded out of her head like popcorn in a microwave without a bag. She was photographed out of doors the other day with this new, voluminous look that could be hiding anything from cats to sandwiches. We love it, actually, but what we don't understand is why, if this is one look for her new music video for the song "S&M," did she need to wear it with the eye patch that's sure to get lost in the curls as soon as she shakes her shoulders? And why, if she really felt she needed the eye patch, does the eye patch have to go to the trouble of being heart-shaped?

Rihanna's Scary New 'Do [Allure]