Jersey Shore’s Sammi Launches a Fragrance; Justin Bieber’s Nail Polish Line Debut Causes Pandemonium

Keria Knightley in Italian Vogue.


• Upon realizing that she was the only Jersey Shore cast member without a line of branded products, Sammi Giancola decided to launch a fragrance. The scent, called Dangerous Perfume, will hit shelves this spring, and will most likely smell like a mix of jello shots and tanning oil. [Racked]

• Cartier is rolling out a new women’s fragrance, called Cartier de Lune. The white floral musk is slated to debut at Saks later this month, where it will sell for $75 to $98. [WWD]


• The launch of Justin Bieber’s OPI nail polish collection caused hordes of tweenage girls to descend upon the 3,000 Wal-Marts where the line is being sold, snatching up every bottle.[WWD]

• Lady Gaga sharpened her nails into pointy talons and painted them with a black and peach reverse French manicure. [Bella Sugar]

• Miss Delaware Kayla Martell usually wears a wig when she competes in pageants, since she suffers from alopecia, but this year, Miss America’s pageant organization is letting her take the stage wig-free. [Bella Sugar]