Jill Zarin Made Her Line of Spanx Alternatives ‘for Young Girls’


Real Spanxwife of New York Jill Zarin has identified a void in the shapewear market, she believes. That's why she launched a line of her own underthings meant to contain unsightly bulging fat, like a wrinkle-free sausage casing. It's called Skweez, she tells People, reminding them that middle-aged ladies aren't the only ones who need to wear secret fat encasements under their clothes:

“I worked on a body shaper line which every young girl is going to want to wear,” she added. “I made them for young girls and for older women. It’s an alternative to Spanx, and I’m selling them for a lot less money. I started my own company called Skweez Couture and Skweezwear and we’ll have men’s shapewear, too.” Why shapewear? “Right now there is really only one game in town,” answered the ever-savvy Zarin. “I’m hoping to take some of their market share. We already went to major department stores. It’s going to be everywhere.”

Jill Zarin Is Ready to Put the Skweez on Your Curves [StyleWatch/People]