Kate Middleton Has Quit Her Job to Focus on Making Her Wedding ‘Fresh and New’


Royal aides confirmed today that Kate Middleton quit her job at her parents' party-supply business, Party Pieces, shortly before Christmas to focus on wedding planning. Her position at the company involved website design, photography, marketing, and event-planning; in other words, the transition from that to wedding organization has probably been a smooth one. While she may or may not have already picked out her dress, she still has to make lots of important wedding decisions like what kind of cake to serve, what sort of china to use, and what color ribbons to tie on things, as well as help William figure out whether he's going to wear his Royal Air Force uniform, which Prince Charles did at his wedding (and which no one will really care about). Also, Kate reportedly wants the wedding to surprise people, according to a source quoted in Hello magazine: "They don't want the world to be sick of their wedding before they become husband and wife. To them it is very important for people on the day to feel they are a part of something which is fresh and new."

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