Kate Middleton’s Favorite Store Is the U.K. Version of T.J. Maxx


As fashion editors bemoan the lack of elitism in fashion, one of the most elite people in the word is going around shopping at one of the least elite stores. And it's being reported on by an equally un-elite outlet — Us Weekly:

"Believe it or not, Kate's favorite shop in the U.K. is TK-Max [the UK version of TJ Maxx]," the source tells Us. "She loves to shop for bargains, mixing and matching high street clothes and designer. She has a great eye for that."

It's true — nothing she's worn publicly yet has been disturbingly expensive or high-end. Her clothes are nice, but not $12,000 nice. A "royal watcher" also tells Us Weekly that Kate doesn't work with a stylist and "is making her own fashion decisions at the moment." She probably doesn't want to seem too elitist.

Kate Middleton Loves TJ Maxx, Supermarket Pizza! [[Us]