Lady Gaga Is Making Unicorns Happen


The most exciting thing about a photo that is being called Lady Gaga's new album art, which was posted to Nick Knight's ShowStudio blog on New Year's Day and has gone largely unnoticed on the Internet until today, is not that her ass is completely bare in it. No thong, no fishnets, no modesty patches; she is literally, proudly, without bottoms and without cellulite. But that's nothing new. Everyone has seen that by now. (And if you haven't, frankly, we're a little concerned and would recommend you form a new habitat above ground.) What makes this picture truly special is that framed by the words Born This Way on the back of her jacket is a unicorn. If there's one thing the world needs, it's more unicorns, both in the Urban Dictionary and literal senses. The fashion world has flirted with mermaids, but can it ride a unicorn into the dawn of 2011? You can't ride a mermaid — above ground, anyway.

Lady Gaga - New Image [ShowStudio]