Lucky’s New Editor Promises ‘More Words’ and ‘Prettier’ Models


Lucky launched in 2000 as an editorialized catalogue that offered pictures of clothes but little else. No models being skinny in weird fashion costumes, no articles about the same old lady subjects, just clothes. Founding editor Kim France, who was recently dismissed after ad pages declined 27 percent in 2009, didn't want to run articles about popular topics like dating and horoscopes. She also didn't want models who were too beautiful, or veer from a slavish devotion to bad boho-inflected styling. Lucky's new editor, Brandon Holley, who ran Jane, ElleGirl, and Yahoo's lady site Shine, understands that to attract advertisers she needs pictures of pretty people and some luxury goods, much better styling, and to be on top of this pesky Internet business.

Lucky’s Brandon Holley: Dressing for a Revolution [NYT]