Miuccia Prada Has ‘Never Even Considered’ Doing a Fast Fashion Line


On the topic of fast fashion, Miuccia Prada told WWD that she's "never even considered it." Why not? "I don’t like the idea of a bad copy of what one does for the main brand. If I had an ingenious idea to do fashion that costs less but that wasn’t a bad copy of something else ... I would do it." She won't knock it too hard, though: "It definitely is part of today so it’s all fine. I don’t have a problem with it. Everything that happens happens, so there’s no need to be against it. It’s logical that it’s like this." She also points out that even though her clothes are more expensive, she's probably not turning bigger profits than mass-marketers. "Luxury products are costly because the companies … manufacture in Europe, produce with salaries that have to be paid. You have to pay for everything that is needed to do research etc., etc. It’s clear that these things cost money. It’s not like the owners of luxury brands make enormous profits. Probably the [mass market players] earn much more." [WWD]