Naomi Campbell Heads Back to Court This Thursday


Naomi Campbell is going to court this week to hash out that pesky breach-of-contract lawsuit involving a perfume called Cat Deluxe With Kisses. In October of 2009, Campbell was sued by beauty company Moodform Mission, which is owned by her former agent Carole White, for failing to honor a contract to promote the perfume that she signed twelve years ago. Moodform is seeking $8 million in damages, which is supposedly how much they could have made had Campbell shilled the fragrance. Obviously not one to be outdone, Campbell has counter-sued, claiming that White misrepresented her in the contract. The whole mess will go down before Judge Judith Gische, who famously presided over the divorce of Rudolph Giuliani and Donna Hanover, in New York starting on Thursday. [Vogue UK]