Ouigi Theodore: ‘I Haven’t Seen My Face, My Actual Face, in Five Years’


The Times profiled Ouigi Theodore, better known as "The Bearded Man of Brooklyn" and the founder of the Brooklyn Circus boutique, and discussed the definition of "urban" fashion: “Urban always had a style to it, a swagger,” Mr. Theodore said. But it has negative connotations too — “overuse of the ‘N’ word, the pants sagging,” he said. “It just created this stigma. When I travel overseas, people see the way we dress and say: ‘You guys don’t listen to hip-hop. You’re not urban.’ Yes, we are.” On the topic of his plentiful facial hair: “I haven’t seen my face, my actual face, in five years,” he said. “I’m not cutting this off, I guess.” [NYT]