Patrick Mohr’s Creepy Runway Makeup; Angelina Jolie’s Golden Globes Lip Gloss

• Patrick Mohr, the German designer who sent molting bearded ladies down his runway last season, has come up with an even creepier makeup look. At his latest show, he glued models’ mouths together and put plaster over their eyebrows. [BellaSugar]

• In case you were wondering what kind of lip gloss Angelina Jolie was caught reapplying during the Golden Globes, it was Chantecaille’s $28 Brilliant Gloss in Love, a soft pink shade. [InStyle]

• Tarte just released a new line of Amazonian Clay Long-Wear Blushes, which have a doughy consistency and are an alternative to the brand’s popular cheek stains. [Beauty Counter/Style]

• Celebrity makeup artist Nathan Johnson speculated on how much man makeup Justin Bieber was wearing during his appearance at the Golden Globes. “He may have used a liquid highlighter or a brightening primer, but I suspect there is more to it than that. I’d be willing to wager that he was either airbrushed or is wearing a very sheer layer of liquid/cream foundation. And he’s wearing blush.” [Fashionista]

• Aesthetician Kate Somerville, who used to assist Elizabeth Taylor’s personal cosmetic dermatologist, claims that Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe both shaved their faces regularly. They weren’t whiskery, they just did it for the exfoliation it supposedly provided. [Beauty Counter/Style]