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Presidential Historians Aflutter Over Barack Obama’s Mandals

Picture this (in black and white, if you will): Taylor Swift, her arm strategically positioned over an unwieldy bosom, lying over a broken toilet seat set in a damp, mildewed warehouse in Bushwick, wearing nothing but a modesty thong that has been Photoshopped away, her hair frizzy and tousled, her eyes rimmed in tar, with lipstick smeared down her neck. Photo credit: Terry Richardson. Magazine: Purple. On the next page: her naughty bits hidden by a naked Abbey Lee Kershaw. The shock waves felt across America would cause every Claire's to spontaneously implode. Sequin dresses everywhere would be seized by identity crises and might come to life and start destroying the world. Thankfully, this terrifying scenario the planet is clearly not ready for isn't happening. But something that has left presidential historians in a similar state of shock has: Barack Obama wearing toe-exposing shoes.

The president was photographed in flip-flops while going for snow cones in Honolulu, and then in sandals while walking around Honolulu. You wouldn't think this would be a big deal, but, as the Post notes, this kind of sighting in the wild is extremely rare and may be a first:

"I can't say I've seen a president's toes before. This could be a very usual thing," said presidential historian Jane Hampton Cook, author of an upcoming children's book "What Does the President Look Like?"

"But I don't think this is a big deal. Your footwear belongs to the occasion. If you're on the beach buying your daughter snow cones, I don't think you can beat him up for this. Now if he's wearing flip-flops to the State of the Union, that'd be different."

Presidential historian Doug Wead concurred.

"In public, no. I haven't seen the president's toes," he deadpanned.
And while most historians couldn't think of an example of presidential appendages being on such display, most agreed it wasn't necessarily the worst thing in the world.

No one's beating up — they're just marveling. Man feet are never great looking (well, maybe except on these kinds of dudes), especially those of gym-crazed fitness men who are prone to blisters. Barack actually appears to have a pretty decent set of them, along with pretty ballsy taste in mandals. It's not the kind of thing most American men would look at and say, "Those sandals are totally what I need for my vacation."

That's quite a feet! Bam first flip-flop president [NYP]

Photo: Cory Lum-Pool/Getty Images

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