Reader Look Book: Let’s Forget It’s Cold


Gusting cold winds blew snowdrifts in our faces on the way to work this morning, so naturally, all we want to do is think about warmer climates and what we would wear there. Thanks to this lovely photo of Cut reader Barbro Catherin Anderson wearing button-fly leather shorts, black tights, and platform shoes in a sunny, leafy garden somewhere, our imaginations have something more concrete to grab hold of than faint memories of sweating on the subway platform six months ago. Also of note: Cut reader Thangvi's vibrant blue coat, which looks fabulous but also seems like it could take a snowdrift or two.

Next week: Now that we've fantasized for a bit, back to reality. New York is getting a blizzard this weekend, and we're plum out of ideas for bundling up creatively. What have you got, intrepid readers? What do you put on when it gets really, really cold? Send in your photos (snowy backdrops encouraged)!

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