Some Lanvin for H&M Items Are Still Straggling Around in Various Forms

Pieces from H&M's Waste collection.

After hundreds of people lined up for hours in the freezing cold to blow several months' worth of rent on the Lanvin for H&M line in November, you'd think that every last shred of the collection would be snatched up by now. Not so: Remnants of the collection are still hanging neatly next to the third-floor dressing rooms of H&M's Rockefeller Center location, reports Sugar Rock Catwalk. (There's no men's stuff left, but there are several racks of clothes, including the one-shoulder cocktail dress and both the red and gray versions of the tulle-skirted dress.) But clothes aren't the only thing left over from all the Alber Elbaz mayhem that consumed way more of our web-surfing time and energy in October and November than we care to admit — there's fabric scraps, too, which H&M is repurposing into a whole new line called Waste.

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