Unearthen Introduces Raw Crystal Rings, Lockets, and Pocketknives for Spring


Jewelry designer Gia Bahm’s jewelry line, Unearthen, is best known for her striking crystal pendant necklaces affixed in bullet casings. But after four years producing the raw crystalline necklaces in dozens of styles, the collection is getting an influx of new designs for spring. Following the success of Bahm's faceted crystal watches in fall 2009, spring 2011 brings rough-cut gold and silver prism rings. Later this spring, she’ll introduce a new line of gold and oxidized silver lockets and pocketknives fitted with raw stones.

The Seattle native culls her one-of-a-kind materials from a range of sources, from the Astro Gallery of Gems in Murray Hill to road trips to New Hope, Pennsylvania. The crystals are minimally altered, and each must be fitted into its own casing by hand. (“I have jars and jars of crystals filling my studio,” she says. “Some I’ve had for years, just waiting for the right fit.”) The prism rings, vial necklaces, and pendants are available at Love Adorned and Opening Ceremony. Click ahead to see more of the Unearthen collection.